This Phase II clinical trial is designed to investigate the ability of cardiac cell therapy to regenerate heart muscle and decrease scar tissue to attenuate or prevent the development of heart failure. Capricor’s proprietary cardiac cell therapy may help repair damaged heart muscle in the ALLSTAR Phase II Clinical Trial. In ALLSTAR, cardiac cells isolated from donor hearts are infused via a coronary catheter in a simple procedure in a standard interventional suite.

Your patient may be eligible to participate in ALLSTAR if he or she:

  • Is 18 years or older
  • Had a heart attack within the last year
  • Had a stent placed in the blocked artery
  • Did not have coronary bypass surgery
  • Can undergo an MRI

What will enrolled patients have to do?

During the screening period, patients will meet with a study doctor to discuss ALLSTAR. If your patient meets the eligibility criteria to participate in ALLSTAR, he or she will:

  • Visit the hospital to receive a single infusion of the investigational therapy or placebo. An overnight stay is required for observation.
  • Visit a study doctor periodically for the 12 months following the infusion.
  • Receive all study specific procedures and assessments at no cost. Compensation for travel may be available.